cheap wine storage racks

The most important part of wine collecting is the wine itself; therefore, you should save money on your wine storage racks and invest it into your wine instead. Keeping in mind that cheap wine storage racks don’t have to equate to a cheap aesthetic, you can choose from so many incredible designs nowadays; whether it be a steel or metal wine rack or even a wooden rack, your precious wine bottles will be right at home, just where you need them.

The purpose of a wine storage rack

Regardless of your wine collection size, wine racks provide an essential and convenient way to store your bottles while cradling them correctly on their side. You can choose materials that suit your home, budget and space and are not constrained to built-in or wall-mounted racks. Keeping your bottles in one place assists with organisation and makes for an exciting display and talking point.

What should I look for in a wine rack?

A wine rack is an organised storage space for keeping your wines within easy access. Apart from the function of wine racks, the form is important too. The rack size, the materials it’s made from, and where you intend to keep it will influence the type of wine rack you should choose.

1.   Size and configuration

Determine how many bottles you will keep at one time and where you would like to keep them; ideally, small spaces are better suited to mounted racks or countertop designs, while an ample space can accommodate floor racks, a wine wall or a built-in cabinet.

2.   Capacity

Tabletop designs can accommodate as few as two bottles and as many as twelve; similarly, wall-mounted racks can bear some weight but shouldn’t be overloaded with bottles. If your needs exceed space for a dozen, consider stackable racks, floor racks, or a dedicated cabinet.

3.   Materials

Typically wood is a popular choice due to its charm, durability and warmth its natural tones provide; however, you choose any material from metal to plastic and more. The cost varies widely based on the materials you choose.

4.   Aesthetic

Before eagerly swiping your credit card on a bargain deal, think about how the piece will fit into the aesthetic of your home. A modern style is better suited to metal, perspex or mirrored mediums, while earthy wood tones enhance a classic house.

Where should a wine rack be placed in the house?

The kitchen is arguably the most commonly used space for storing wine, but it is also a culprit in many a spoiled bottle of vino. Temperature fluctuations are difficult to control with the use of heated appliances like the stove, and vibrations generated from blenders and microwaves disturb the wine; additionally, light exposure has an effect too. The household fridge is a suitable place to store an open bottle of Chardonnay for a couple of days, but the dry, low temperatures will not preserve or enhance its flavours. If you don’t have a wine fridge available, then storing your bottles in a dark cupboard, garage or under the stairs would be your best bet.

Can I make a wine rack?

Anyone with access to essential tools and some creativity can make their wine racks; for example, pinewood is affordable and accessible. You can go down this route simply to make something with your own hands or save a few pennies. Consider purchasing something in-store or investing in a wine fridge and saving precious time for the most critical task, drinking the wine!