Being stuck at home over the course of various lockdowns has, for many of us, drastically changed the idea of casually “nesting.” The forced reckoning with years of overdue repairs, ill-advised rug purchases, and vexing paint colors has led to record interest in domestic improvements, both large and small. Even something as seemingly innocuous as cleaning supplies has come under new scrutiny—which was not lost on Diptyque. “It makes sense in this moment,” says Eduardo Valadez, the director of marketing for the cult-favorite French fragrance house that just released La Droguerie, its first collection of household care products. Much like those sconces you spent weeks scouring the Internet for, the five-piece collection is, in fact, exactly what you didn’t know you needed at home.

Imagine, if you will, all the feelings you have for your favorite Diptyque candle—Bais, for fruity-floral fans, or Feau de Bois if you’re more of a woodsy type; that is a feeling I recently experienced upon first spritz of the brand’s new Multi-Surface Cleaner, a lavender, cedar wood, and fig-tree multitasker spiked with vinegar to effectively degrease and de-gunk your walls, countertops, tiles and crisper drawers. The orange blossom-tinged Dishwashing Liquid is similarly exciting (yes, exciting), offering a subtly-scented foaming action while doubling as a discreet design object. Housed in refillable amber glass bottles, the cleansing duo is joined by a leather and woodcare polishing lotion with beeswax, a reusable cedar wood and lavender-scented oval that can be hung with wool and delicate clothing, and an ingenious odor-absorbing candle that replaces unwanted smells with wafts of fresh basil, mint, and crushed tomato leaves.

“These are products that are effective, smell great, and are good for you,” Valadez continues of the launch’s nod to sustainability, which prioritizes Ecocert-approved ingredients, biodegradable formulas, and $28 recyclable refills that might just make deciding who washes the dishes a lot less contentious.

Diptyque’s multi-surface cleaner with vinegar

Diptyque’s dish washing liquid soap with orange blossom

Diptyque’s leather and wood care lotion with beeswax

Diptyque ceramic for wool and delicate textiles with cedarwood

Diptyque odor-removing candle with basil