Paint Wood

Get Ready to Paint Wood : Ideally, before painting doors and windows you should remove all the ‘furniture’ – handles, fingerplates, keyholes, hooks etc – so you can move the brush freely without interruption.

You should also take time to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the can. If, for example, they tell you to stir the paint, then stir it for this is the only way of distributing the particles which have settled.

If you open a can of non-drip paint and find a layer of solvent on the top, you should stir it in. then leave it to become jelly-like again before painting.

All your brushes should be dry – this is something to remember if you are painting over several days and have put them to soak overnight in white spirit or a proprietary brush cleaner. If you don’t get rid of all the traces of the liquid it will mess up your paint work. They should be rinsed, and then brushed on newspaper till the strokes leave no sign.

Cleaning up Wood

When you’ve finished painting clean your brushes thoroughly, concentrating on the roots where paint accumulates and will harden. They should be hung up, bristles down, till dry, then wrapped in aluminum foil for storage. Don’t ever store them damp for they can be ruined by mildew.

If there’s only a small amount of paint left, you can either decant it for storage into a dark glass screw-topped jar so you can use it to touch up damaged spots – it’s important to choose a suitable sized jar so there’s very little air space.

Air and dust are both potential paint spoilers and there are two ways to keep them out if you’re storing the can. Either put a circle of aluminum foil over the paint surface before putting the lid on securely, or – and this is the best way if the lid is distorted – put on the lid and then invert the can to spread the paint round the inner rim to form an airtight seal Set it back the right way for storage.

Paint Wood  : If despite these safeguards a skin forms on the paint (usually over months of storage) you have to cut round the edge of it with a sharp knife and carefully lift it off.