Home Improvement fans have a reason to rejoice today. The History Channel announced a new show hosted by two of the former stars of the fan-favorite sitcom. On June 29, the channel will begin airing More Power, a show on the history of tools, hosted by Tim Allen and Richard Karn.

In the sitcom, Home Improvement, Allen’s character hosted a show-within-a-show with Karn playing the co-host. The fictional “Tool Time” saw the pair discussing a variety of power tools, much like this new series from the History Channel. More Power will be a 10-episode nonfiction series that will explore the history and evolution of different tools. The series will be hosted from Allen’s personal workshop with him being joined by Karn and Youtuber April Wilkerson. Each episode of More Power will focus on a different tool as the three hosts put them to the test.


Allen and Karn starred together for eight seasons and over two hundred episodes of Home Improvement. Additionally, Allen is known for his extensive stand-up career, voicing Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story series, The Santa Clause trilogy, and his recent sitcom Last Man Standing. Karn recently co-starred in the Hulu series Pen15. He also hosted the game show Family Feud from 2002 to 2006, and guest-starred on Last Man Standing in 2013. Wilkerson’s YouTube channel, which holds over two hundred million views, sees the star tackling different DYI projects. The trio of hosts also previously all worked together on another History Channel series, Assembly Required, a game show that pitted home repair experts against each other to rebuild and reinvent everyday items.

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Both Allen and Karn gave statements expressing their excitement at the chance to bring More Power to life. About the new series, Allen stated:

“Albert Einstein once said, ‘I’m not a genius, I’m just passionately curious. Having the opportunity to explore my curiosity in depth and really get to know more about the people and things that make us what we are today gets me excited. And what better pal to have at my side than Richard Karn? We both share a great appreciation of people who can solve a problem not by talking about it, but by ‘doing’ it with creativity and amazing skills.”

In Karn’s statement, he added:

“My friendship with Tim has lasted over 30 years… in a row! The chance to do a show like Tool Time was unquestionably exciting. We may not have Binford but we still will have a world of fun!”

More Power will air exclusively on The History Channel on June 2 at 10/9c. Check out the official synopsis for the series below:

“From Tim’s home shop, the trio tackles the supercharged history of tools, celebrating the coolest, most powerful, and iconic examples of tools, while showcasing their evolution of power from handheld and basic to the industrial and mighty — testing the limits in a way that only Tim can. They’ll also head out into the field to play with some of the biggest machines that power and serve our everyday lives and meet the men and woman who operate them. Along the way, Tim invites some of the most skilled makers into his shop from across the country, tasking them to create mind-blowing, specifically tailored innovations to fit his needs because there is always room for improvement.”