Ants have an important role in the ecosystem. While not as scary as roaches and spiders, ants could be a nuisance in many ways. It is rather common to find black garden ants in Massachusetts homes. The weather here offers the perfect environment for these hard-working insects to thrive. If you have a faq about black garden ants, here’s what you need to know. 

Where do these ants live?

There are two species of black garden ants. The first one lives in forested areas, while the other one thrives in open areas, such as yards and gardens. Workers of a colony can live for up to four years, while queen ants live for as long as 15 years. In other words, if you have found black garden ants at home, the problem is unlikely to disappear immediately. 

Are these insects poisonous?

A part of the Fornicinae family, black garden ants have venom reservoirs that are larger when compared to other species. Also, these ants don’t sting or bite but eject formic acid. This formic acid is not dangerous to humans in particular but can cause a burning sensation when ejected into an open wound. While black garden ants can bite, there is little to worry about as far as humans are concerned. These insects don’t act as defensively as other species and would typically try to get away from plain sight. 

What can you do to get rid of black garden ants?

There are ready insecticides available in the market, but these are rarely effective unless used professionally. At home, you should consider using a disinfectant to get rid of pheromone, which ants leave behind as a trail for other ants. Get rid of food crumbs immediately and keep other food sources at bay. Seal the entry points around your doors and window frames. 

Should you call pest control?

Professional pest control is always better for tackling an infestation. Although you don’t have an immediate threat, it is best to let the experts do their job. Many companies are now relying on safer, eco-friendly products to counter black garden ants, and you can also expect to get a warranty on the job. Since the work is not as extensive as getting rid of rats and termites, the cost of extermination is considerably lower. 

Call a company today to know more about black garden ants and their pest control methods.